Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nemo vs. Copenhagen Snevejr

Snow has been the word of the week for most of the people in my life.  As winter storm "Nemo" buried most of the northeastern United States, we here in Copenhagen have been getting some fairly standard Danish snow.  I took this picture a couple of days ago from the dog park near St. Paul's Church in the city center:

I spent the majority of my life living in the northeastern U.S., where snowstorms that dropped a couple of feet of snow tend to happen at least once a year.  The picture above shows the results of a typical snowfall here in Copenhagen.

I'm gonna have to lean towards Copenhagen as the better option here.

I was at a 7-11 here a week or two ago (they're hilariously common), and the guy at the counter asked me what I preferred about Denmark as compared to the U.S.  He just refused to believe me when I told him that I preferred the weather here in Denmark.

Granted, that day happened to be chilly, rainy, and gray.  Even so, it doesn't get as cold here in the Winter, and it doesn't get as hot in the Summer.

And I'll take a bit of rain, or an inch or two of snow that will melt within a week, over this:

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