Monday, February 10, 2014

Studieskolen - Module 6 is Melting My Brain

Oh, hi there!

Remember me?  I'm that terrible blogger who hasn't written anything in nearly a month in a half.  Yeah, that one!

The truth is, module 6 has us writing so much that I just haven't been able to bring myself to write more.  Strangely, we took the entire class today to do a practice of the writing portion of the studieprøve exam, which is 3 hours of writing.

And yet, here I am.  Go figure.

So, let's catch up a bit.

Firstly, module 6 is hard.  On the very first day of class, we were already doing practice portions of the exam, which isn't until May/June.  And everyone in the class got high scores on their PD3 exam, which means everyone is really damn good at Danish.

That being said, I at least would have passed the portion that we practiced that first day, which is reassuring.  And the majority of university programs that require the studieprøve exam only require that you pass it with a score of 2 or higher.

As I mentioned, we're doing tons of writing, and often on topics that I struggle to stay interested in.  For example, we spent a couple of weeks discussing the EU parliament and the Danes who sit on it.  I wish I could care about EU politics, but as of yet, I haven't been able to.

Our teacher is tough, but nice.  She knows a lot and expects a lot, but is also perfectly willing to go off topic on occasion.

And she reminds me of my sister.  She actually looks a bit like her, and drinks huge amounts of coffee out of pint glasses, just like my sister does.

We'll be continuing to practice all of the many different bits of the exam for the next few months.  Not only does this exam include the reading, writing, and speaking portions like the PD3 exam, but it also includes a listening portion, which includes some dictation.  Dictation in which every word has to be spelled exactly correctly, otherwise the answer is considered completely wrong.

I'd like to go ahead and recommend a Danish dictionary.  It's just Danish, not Danish-English, but I've found it really useful.  It's actually just the updated version of one of the dictionaries that they have in every classroom at Studieskolen.  Here it is:


  1. Hello Rubi,

    I'm also learning Danish, and I need to take the studieprøve exam, but I have to study by myself, so I wonder if you can recommend some books or Internet sites, that I can use to study for this exam?. I will really appreciate if you can share some information with me, because it is very difficult to find this online, and I have no idea how to make the writing part.

    1. Hi Jennee! We actually haven't been using any books for this module. Just lots and lots of handouts, articles, and practice exams. I highly recommend reading as many Danish newspapers as you can, as the written portion often requires some knowledge of Danish and international current events. You should also take a look at some of the previous exams. They can be found at the bottom of this page:

      I hope this helps! Best of luck!

    2. I forgot to say that I speak Spanish, so if you need help with this, I would be happy to help you! :)

    3. VERY good to know! My Spanish course this summer will be 5 weeks long, 37 hours a week. Extremely intensive.

    4. Thanks for the info, Rubi :).... please, excuse me if I'm asking for too much, but I wonder if is possible for you to post here on my blog (or send me), some of the writings that you have done for the studieprøve? just wanna get an idea about this... again thank you a lot for the page :)

    5. If you want, you can send me your email address (you can go to this blog's Facebook page and send a private message, if you don't want to share it publicly, and I can scan and email a few examples, which will have all of my errors and notes from my teacher. :) Here's the Facebook page: