Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Panic Mode

You would think, after all of the planning and obsessing about getting everything done early or at least on time, that I would be fully aware of how close to the wedding we are.

But with 2 1/2 weeks to go, and only a week and a half until in-laws from all corners of the globe hit town...

I just realized how much I've forgotten.


I thought all I had to do this morning was to was call up the company we're getting our favors from to freak out about why they haven't been shipped yet... But while taking a moment to relax, I had a horrifying lightbulb:


Normally lightbulbs about cake would be nice, but I realized that I hadn't heard a word from our bakers since our consultation, and I'd put it completely out of my mind.  Good thing I called to, as I hadn't spoken to them since well before the hotel name chance debacle.

Tomorrow, we go to get our marriage license, I go for my up-do hair consultation try-out thing, and then I have my final fitting (Will I fit into my dress?  Only time will tell).

It's only noon, but I could sure use a cocktail.

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