Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Studieskolen - Module 4.2, EXAM PANIC!

They've gone and scheduled our module 4 exam.  It'll be broken up into two bits.  The first bit will be a week from this Friday, and the last bit the following Monday.

As far as the actual make-up of the test, I don't have too many details.  What I do know is that, much like the module 1 exam, we will have a spoken portion in which we are given a topic at random (from a list of three books we've read and two topics that we've prepared), and we are supposed to talk about the topic for two minutes, followed by questions from the teacher.

As far as the rest of the exam, for now I assume it will be much like the previous exams: some reading comprehension, some listening bits, and a written portion involving writing letters and/or emails.

To be honest, I'm not especially panicked about this exam.

It's the module 5 exam that's stressing me.

We were given Monday's class to decide on and research the two topics of our choosing for the spoken section of the test, and I found myself sitting at a computer next to our new teacher.  I took the opportunity to grill him on what would be needed to proceed to module 6 after the PD3 exam at the end of module 5.

He explained the grading system, which is on a scale of 12.  To pass the PD3, you only need to score a 2.  In order to get Danish citizenship, you need to pass the test with a score of at least 4.  In order to be allowed to proceed to module 6, which I would need in order to take university courses in Danish...

I'll need to score a 10.

So, the plan is to seriously buckle down.  I've downloaded a couple of language-learning apps onto my iPad (the most useful of which, so far, is called Memrise, and teaches languages and loads of other topics), and plan to jump back into the Rosetta Stone practice as well.  My main problem is, as always, remembering the vocabulary.  I find myself looking up words a dozen times and still not being able to remember them the next time.

My plan, as well, is to try to continue to take Danish classes through the Summer break.  There's only one day class offered at Studieskolen during the break, and my teacher admitted that it's entirely possible that there won't be room for everyone and that there's nothing I can do to ensure a spot, so...

Just gonna cross my fingers and hope that everyone else decides that they need a Summer vacation.

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  1. Hi Ruby, there is a group on called The Danish Language Speakers (or something very similar to that). I don't know where you live but they have an event called "hyggeaften på dansk" every Monday and every Thursday that meet in a cafe in Nørrebro (the bit by the lakes, just over Dronning Louises Bro). The idea is for foreigners to practice Danish with people who can speak the language fluently, including native Danes.
    My big tip for getting used to vocab is to watch Danish TV shows with subtitles on or, if you don't have television, listen to Sometimes I just have the radio on in the background as noise but it does help me.

    Good luck for your exam!