Friday, June 21, 2013

Studieskolen - Module 4.2, Exam Part I

It's been hot and humid in Copenhagen over the last couple of days.  While 70+ degrees (fahrenheit) never used to feel especially hot, here in Copenhagen it feels oppressive.  Something about the combination of the angle of the sun and the high humidity.

That, and the total lack of air conditioning anywhere.

It was in these sweaty conditions, and accompanied by the seemingly unending sounds of construction outside of the Studieskolen building, that we took the first part of our module 4 exam.

The test was fairly similar to previous exams, although it seemed to take much longer.  We started with one of two written bits, for which I wrote a letter about where and how I grew up to a fictional person compiling stories of people's childhoods.  We then moved on to the listening portion, in which we listened to various passages and answered questions based on them.  This was then followed by the reading and understanding portion, where we had a variety of tasks involving reading or scanning through texts and answering questions or filling in blanks.  The teacher was kind enough to break up the two long writing assignments, so we finished with the second of these.  The final written task asked that we write an article for the fictional school newspaper discussing the pros and cons of volunteering to visit lonely elderly people in connection with the Red Cross.

We were given the test without any breaks, and the whole thing took 3 hours.

I was sweaty, tired, and starving when I left, but I'm 99% sure that I did just fine.

Providing I didn't somehow manage to bomb the whole thing, and that I don't completely forget how to speak Danish in anticipation of the spoken bit of the test on Monday, my plan is to attend module 5.1 over the Summer.  The dilemma I briefly had was that my current teacher, who I have learned so much from, is taking the six-week Summer break and not continuing on to module 5.1 until August.

The solution?

I will most likely repeat module 5.1 again in August, because he's definitely the best teacher that I've had here so far.  Plus, the more time I can spend in module 5 before the PD3 exam in November, the more likely I will be to get the minimum 10 required to move on to module 6.

Whatever it takes.  Within reason.

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