Friday, March 30, 2012

Painting Denmark Red, White, and Blue

Is there such a thing as pre-nesting?

If so, I'm doing it.

My fiance has always been of the mindset that everything that's his is also mine.  It makes sense in theory, but it's still a tough concept for me to wrap my head around.  That being said, he's been referring to the apartment in Copenhagen as "our flat" for a while now, and since it actually will be "ours" once we're married, I've been trying to think about how to make the place feel like home.

Not an easy thing to do with a place that I've never actually seen in person.  I've been to the building, hung out with some of the neighbors, seen the floor plan.  But since a tenant has been renting the place while my fiance's been here in the US, I've only seen a few pictures of the inside.

So, lately I've spent a lot of time watching home renovation shows on HGTV, as well as loads of House Hunters International, to get a feel for European style.  I freely admit that my tastes are not nearly as modern as Danish tastes, and my fiance definitely has Danish tastes.

They love their clean lines and white walls.

I, on the other hand, have been working on warming him up to the idea of throwing some color on the walls.  And by color, I'm not talking about some other shade of white (much to his disappointment).

Sure, the Danes may be shocked an appalled by my choices.  But maybe I'll just embrace the American stereotype and be loud and brightly colored whenever possible.

Providing I can convince my fiance that "eggshell" doesn't count as color.


  1. Our place is black and white. It's like being in teenaged boy's bedroom!
    I am going to splash some colour all over the place but it can't be paint because we rent.
    I am so jealous of Sage's living room:-

  2. Oooh, I do love that couch. Not sure I could live with that much pink, but she's got the right idea. :D