Friday, June 29, 2012

I Can Has Context?

The truth is, the fact that I'm moving to Denmark hasn't completely sunk in.

Intellectually, I know it.  We've emptied our apartment.  I've picked up my new passport with my married name on it.  We've checked in for our flights online.  My brain has all of the correct information.

And yet... it's a life change that I don't actually have any context for.  So, emotionally, it feels like any other move.

Actually, it feels easier, as I wasn't the one packing up all of our things.  The movers did that (as is often the case with international moves).

I'm in for a bigger culture shock than my brain is allowing me to comprehend at the moment.

We ship off tomorrow.  For tonight, I say...

Farewell, Boston.  Farewell, Cambridge.

Farewell, America.  Don't make a mess of the place while I'm gone.

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