Monday, October 3, 2011

Bi-Weekly Career Induced Hives

Here's the situation:

I've spent the last 6 years of my working in radio.  It's an industry that I've known for a while I would eventually need to get out of, because the industry is pretty quickly shrinking.

Well, this impending move to Copenhagen has put a pretty clear end-date on my radio career, since I don't currently speak Danish and there are no English language radio stations there.

So, you're probably wondering, whatever will she do for a living in Denmark?

And the attempt to answer that question has lead to a phenomenon that is relatively new in my life: the bi-weekly career crisis panic attack!  *cue fanfare*

I had this basic plan to go back to school when we got there, since I'd be a legal resident.  My understanding was that legal residents are able to go to universities in Denmark tuition-free.  Today I was informed that I'll likely have to be a legal resident for 2 years before I'm eligible to go to school without paying.  The last thing I need is more school loans to pay off, so this information has put that plan on hold.

I've been working pretty regularly since I was 16, and haven't been unemployed for more than a month here and there since I was 20.  Not to mention I've been living on my own (not counting a few failed attempts at cohabitation) for about as long as well.

Basically, the idea of living there and not being able to financially contribute to the household is kinda giving me hives.

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  1. Found your blog by accident will be interesting to see how in real will be going for you in Denmark. I am already living in DK for more than a year.