Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Informal Formal Danish Class #5 - I Didn't Cry!


We arrived at the class a few minutes early, and I took the time to be as honest as possible with the instructor.  "I'll be honest," I said. "I haven't even looked at this stuff in two weeks."

Sometimes life just gets in the way.

And this made for an extraordinarily taxing first half of the class.  We started by trying to invert sentences.  Where we can say either "I went to the store yesterday" or "Yesterday, I went to the store," in Danish the sentence structure looks more like "Yesterday went I to the store."

That's all well and good.  I have a decent understanding of that grammatical rule.  What I don't have is the vocabulary committed to memory yet.  So, while I should be able to build a sentence well enough, I don't have the words with which to do so.

It made for a very frustrating first hour or so.

After that, though, we worked on an exercise where we tried to determine which vowel sounds we were hearing when the instructor pronounced various words.

And we were all equally awful at that, so I felt much better.


  1. Hi American girl. wondering if you can help; wiht regards to your Danish language lessons; do you pay for the lessons or did you find a local service in your area?

    thanks so much

  2. Hi Gem! We're currently paying for the class we're taking. It's not bad at all cost-wise. $150 for 10 classes. But it's also moving faster than any language class probably should, so I'm picking things up, but not as much as I would like. The class is just taught by a local Dane, not a professional language teacher.