Saturday, January 28, 2012

Danish Lessons - Rosetta Stone, Entry #4

I don't remember if I learned numbers using number blocks when I was a kid, but that's how I'm learning them now.

Technically, I supposed I started learning Danish numbers in the informal class I took this past fall, but I definitely prefer the Rosetta Stone method.  When I was taking that class, I found myself trying like hell to cram and memorize those numbers before each class, leaving me with barely any time to even look at everything else he'd tried to teach us.  Rosetta Stone makes the basics far more intuitive.

Here's the thing: I get that repetition is part of the method, but maybe three quarters of the way through each lesson, I find myself distracted.  And since I already basically know one through ten in Danish, I even found my eyes drifting up to the TV... which was showing "Honey" on mute in the background.

"Honey" of all things...

I'm going to try to move through numbers as quickly as I can, and hope that the next unit keeps my attention a bit better.

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