Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Small Business Euphoria

Hey, remember how I was having fairly regular career-induced hives?

As it turns out, I thought of the solution almost 3 years ago.  I'd just forgotten.

Back in 2009, I had an idea.  It was, in fact, the idea that had me rushing out to buy PVC and moving blankets to build The Pod (1.0).  People have brilliant ideas all the time, and sometimes the only thing holding them back from making those ideas a reality... is a job that keeps them busy 40+ hours a week.

That, and insecurity.

Well, now that I'm free of the radio grind, and I've got my lovely fiance rooting me on, I'm going for it.  More details will follow soon enough, but I'm spending much of my time these days looking into the details of starting my own business.  A business that I can do from anywhere in the world.

Funny how some of the smallest details of starting a business seem so daunting in the beginning.  Just coming up with a company name with a corresponding (and available) web domain name was surprisingly stressful.

I'm beyond excited to get this whole thing moving, and equally excited to share it with everyone (once all of the details are hammered out).

I've also already got a plan for The Pod 3.0.  It looks like this:

And it's portable!

Also, in case you're worried that I'm slacking on my Danish... I sort of am.  But, I have a fabulous to-do list that my fiance worked up that includes working on my Rosetta Stone three times this week.  One session down, two to go.

Also on the to-do list?  Three trips to this hotel's hot tub.  He's a slave driver, that fiance of mine.

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