Saturday, January 28, 2012

Leave You, Leave You, How Could I Leave You?

What's this?!  Another post?!

Yup.  I'm feeling prolific.

Maybe this happens in other countries as well.  There is this funny assumption that we Americans have that once a foreigner spends some time in the U.S., they'll inevitably want to stay.  Folks often assume that since my fiance came here temporarily for work and then met an American girl to marry, we'll obviously be staying here.  In fact, people are generally surprised to hear that he's moving back to Denmark and taking me with him.  They're even more surprised to find out that I'm thrilled at the prospect, and that he's not just dragging me along.

That's not to say that there aren't things about America that I will miss.

We were having a discussion just now about the little things he thought he'd miss when he left England for Denmark originally, and whether he was right or not.  For the most part, he does indeed miss things like good quality English curry, readily available stilton cheese, great pubs within walking distance.

What am I going to miss about America?

The first thing I thought of was pizza.  New York style, thin crust pizza.  Just thinking about it has made me decide to order pizza for dinner.

And Buffalo wings.  Though, the fiance's gotten pretty good at making them, so I won't miss out too much.

And, strangely enough, I think I'll miss Target.  Lots of fairly decent stuff for cheap, and all in one big room.  I don't think Denmark has anything like it, but I'll be on the lookout.


  1. Hi Ruby -

    I found your blog in a google search and I've been reading it for a few weeks. I couldn't resist commenting on this post. I live in Western MA (small world) and will be moving to Copenhagen in the fall for grad school. I've been so focused on planning for the arrival that I've neglected the departure. Your post was a great reminder to appreciate the here and now. Thank you for that.


  2. I think bilka is probably the closest thing to target that we have here. not open 24 hours though unfortunately.

    you'll have to try mothers when you get here. really good brick oven style, thin crust pizza. its making me hungry now just thinking about it even though I just ate. :)

  3. Agree with Jen on the pizza - really, been here for a month now and they know how to make pizza here (these Italians :-) ). Mother's is good, but I recommend a small corner pizza place on Falkoner Alle 42 - Forno A Legna, for me the best ever :-)

  4. totally agree with you on new york pizza and target. nothing quite like them here, though some come closer than others. however you can find pretty damn good buffalo wings at bbq shack around the corner of frederiksberg hospital. (: