Friday, January 13, 2012

The Healthy Housewife

It's amazing how you can live a certain way for so long and not realize how unhealthy it was until things change.

I spent 6 years waking up before dawn to do morning radio.  For more than half of that time, I also worked a split shift, going back to work in the afternoon.

After less than a week out of that life, I already feel more normal.  I don't have that just-woke-up feeling all day from getting up so early, and napping between shifts.  My mood has improved.  Even my metabolism seems to be normalizing a bit.

I'm entering a new chapter in my life, in preparation for the big move.  Focusing on getting freelance voiceover jobs, and looking for some temporary office work.  I'm feeling really positive about the changes so far, and the support my friends and family have shown.

It doesn't hurt that I've gotten to spend the past week relaxing in a hotel room with my fiance, who has been working out-of-state.  Playing housewife for a few days isn't so bad when you have hotel staff to clean your room.

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