Saturday, September 17, 2011

Anxiety and Naughty Words

I found myself really anxious this week.  I couldn't figure out what my problem was.  Thursday night, I actually told my fiance that I needed a drink.  I almost never do that, and especially not during the week when I wake up at 4:30 in the morning.

So he poured me a brandy and suggested we listen to some Brandi Carlile (which is always a good idea, no matter my mood), and I got right down to being introspective.

And then it hit me.  The reason I had been feeling anxious, the reason why going to work had felt especially difficult lately... I needed to tell them I was moving.

Yup, I hadn't actually mentioned to my bosses that I am leaving next year.  I thought I'd wait, so as not to give any excuse to let me go early (with a wedding to plan, that's definitely not something I can afford right now).  So, I'd been going to work every day keeping this secret, and it was making me miserable.

Yesterday, I told one of my supervisors.  He was 100% supportive and said telling the Big Boss wouldn't be an issue. He was actually glad to have lots of time to find a replacement for me (it seems my job is cursed... every fill-in we've hired to cover my vacations has quit).

And, you know what?  I feel a lot better.

And so, to bring you into the weekend, I present...

Danish Words With Naughty English Meanings!!

Fart - means "speed" in Danish
Slut - means "ended"
Slag (which, to be fair, is more UK English than American) - means "type" or "kind"
Tit - "often"

And no, it's not naughty... but one of my favorite words in Danish (of the ones I've learned so far) is "snart."  It's just plain silly and fun to say.  It's meaning?  "Soon."

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