Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ruby Reviews a Comedy Revue

This blog is not about Denmark, or anything related to the Danish language.  And it's not even about the wedding!

Nope, this is a little review of last night's Bill Bailey show at the House of Blues in Boston.  If you're not familiar with the fine work of Mr. Bailey, here's a little (hour-long) taste:

Last night's show was fully hilarious, but it did have some slightly awkward moments.  we'll start with the crowd.  Now, as you can see in that youtube video, he tends to draw a pretty massive crowd in the UK.  Sadly, not so much here.  We were excited when we got there and were told our balcony seats were being upgraded to floor seats, only to find that they were doing this because even the floor hadn't sold out.  The floor was maybe 2/3 full.

So the show started, and laughter ensued.  The crowd, while totally engaged, was also totally bizarre.  The heckling included shouts of "Enthusiasm!" and "You're Bill Bailey!"

All in all, it was a great time, but in the end, he left the stage and we thought the show was over.  Some folks were expecting an encore, but maybe 1/3 of the crowd started to leave... and then he came back on stage for his encore.  Awkward.

Thing is... this then happened A SECOND TIME!  To be fair, this time, while a bunch of the crowd had gotten up to leave, a loud percentage had stayed chanting his name.  And he came back with his glass of wine saying "What do you want??  I already have my wine!"  He graciously did another song, left again, and the sound folks put on music cuing us that it really was the end this time.

It really was a lot of fun, but I have a feeling he finished this, the last show on his tour, on a bit of a "WTF" note.

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