Monday, September 26, 2011

Informal Formal Danish Class #1

I've made it through my first Danish class.  Just a handful of us in a room in Boston in a building owned by the Unitarian church, with an organist from Denmark teaching the lessons.

Already I'm finding it infinitely more helpful than learning from the Teach Yourself: Complete Danish book/CDs.

While the class moved extremely quickly, and my fiance commented that what we'd gone over today would take weeks if not months in a formal Danish class in Denmark, I already feel like I've learned more of the basics than I would ever pick up from the book.  While the book starts off with a conversation, and then lists the definitions of the words after the conversation, such a method would really only be helpful if you already have a grasp of basics like how to say each letter and each number, or the days of the weeks or months, or years.

We covered some of those basics tonight, and will hit the rest of them next Wednesday.  Having an actual human being to interact with and ask questions of is so much more helpful than having a CD that just assumes I understand.

Or rather, assumes nothing but doesn't care.

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